Saturday, August 18, 2012

Burden of the Flesh, Triptych

Burden of the Flesh (Triptych), 2011-2012
Oil, 18.75” x 6” Each Panel

The Burden of the Flesh triptych is the first in a series of
paintings that are meant to explore the Human Condition.
As a child I was initially exposed to the images of Western
Art through the Catholic Church. These images were
meant to communicate the themes and values of Catholcism
to the churchgoers. It is my goal in this series to extract
basic ideas common to all religions, and depict them
in a way that anyone can relate to regardless of their religious
views. As a result, the figures become archetypal.
Their faces are hidden so that the viewer is not presented
with the image of a specific individual. The high contrast
and sparse color, combined with the body language of
each figure are meant to evoke a visceral response from
the viewer. The intended result is the representation of an
emotion or experience common to all people.